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Have you thought about getting more involved with your Charlotte Gator Club? Here is your chance to join the board. We really need you.

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President/President-Elect - Duration: 2 Years

Description: President-Elect shadows and supports the current President and prepares to take over that role during the second year.  The President and President-Elect work together to drive the club agenda, host events, support the scholarship fundraisers, submit the annual report/year-end requirements, and ensure the Gator Nation is present and strong in Charlotte.  This role is the most intensive of club roles.

Treasurer - Duration: 1 Year

Description: Responsible for general accounting, budgeting, completing the financial report portion of the annual report/year-end requirements, and spending oversight.  This role is mostly light bookkeeping throughout the year and intensifies in June when supporting year-end requirements.

Secretary - Duration: 1 Year

Description: Responsible for supporting club communications and working with the President/President-Elect on messaging.  This role usually requires a small monthly time requirement outside of the football season.  During the football season, club communications are performed on a weekly basis.

Vice President of Social Media - Duration: 1 Year

Description: Responsible for running the clubs social media accounts and making regular posts.  Works with the Secretary and President/President-Elect on messaging.  

Board Member-at-Large - Duration: 1 Year

Description: This role allows volunteers to participate in club leadership on a regular, as needed basis.  These volunteers usually support watch parties, bus trips, happy hours, and other club events.


 Please email our current president Brett Rampal at for the position(s) you are interested in.